Chapter 1: Rejection

You wake up and throw open your curtains.  What a beautiful morning it is.  Open you’re window, smell that air.  Go on!  What could possibly stand between you and success now?  I know.  Rejection.  Today you will be rejected.  Tomorrow you will be rejected.  How do I know this?  Because the law of averages says so.  Currently there are 120 applicants for every job in the UK.  What does that say?  Work it out.

Today I woke up, smelled the fresh air, gleamed at the bright blue sky, and hopped, skipped and jumped onto a train to London for my first big city interview.  As I neared the city that bright blue sky quickly turned to a not so wonderful shade of grey and I found myself a 15 minute walk away from the headquarters of British Airways Pensions, in the pouring rain, and without an umbrella piece.

Lesson 1: Preparation.  Interviews are 20% delivery, and 80% preparation.

This time I lucked out; I managed to grab an umbrella off a vendor outside the station for the bargain bin price of £20.

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