Applying to Investment Banks the TNG Way

Today I will do something foolish. That’s not something out of the ordinary. Just last week I found myself taking apart my PC and vacuuming out a good two years worth of dorm room dust bunnies. But unlike risking the unsubstantiated claims of what happens when vacuum-induced static meets circuitry, today I will be exposing a delicate part of myself to a practice commonly attributed to by many to be self-confidence-suicide. Today I will begin applying to investment banks.

I know… a foolish move. You have morals, TNG. You have a soul that may be worth something some day. Think about what you’re about to embark upon.

But this is what I’ve aspired to be ever since some mailroom book-club clerk got a delivery wrong and thisshowed up on my doorstep. I was only 14 back then. But the ideas and visions instilled upon me after sifting through every page of that book have neither shifted nor subsided.

This isn’t my first attempt to get into IB. I went to many recruitment drives on campus, and I spoke with a number of industry insiders (of whom many were enthusiastic regarding my past experiences and encouraged me to apply). And in response, I completed a fair number of lengthy applications. But what many of those recruiters failed to share with me was that none of them were actually recruiting. Well, that’s a bit harsh of an accusation. But unless you were well-connected, well-Oxbridged, or well-off in general, your chances of getting noticed flew out the window faster than you could say “no chance”. Probably the most disheartening part of my undergraduate career. And like many others, I grew a profound distaste for the industry in general.

But like most grudges and, we hope, all economic downturns, they subside. A friend of mine at Morgan Stanley recently informed me that his company will be resuming a normal, if not higher, level of graduate hires this year. Encouraging news. I’m feeling quite confident about it actually.

…I’ll let you know how that turns out.

UPDATE: it didn’t.

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3 thoughts on “Applying to Investment Banks the TNG Way”

  1. Hey there. all the very best for your quest…….i came across your blog while searching for selection process and interview tips for factset. when i found out that the blog post is recent and that u are still on your quest, i suddenly got interested…… keep posting……..i am on the same boat……MBA in finance searching for a job…..

  2. Thanks for reading Priya! It’s a tough battle but we gotta stick in there. I appreciate your comments and hope whatever I end up typing is of some use to you. Just on the train now from my final FactSet interview so stay tuned. I hope to post it sometime tonight. I also have a Bloomberg one i’m working on.

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