Never Tell Your Parents Where You’re Applying To. Here’s Why.

It’s good to see other parties out there fighting the good fight for us.  Found this nice little endorsement compliments of

Millennials, perhaps more so than any other generation besides the baby boomers, already have a reputation. Recent reports suggest they lack a work ethic and rely too much on parents, some of whom have been accused of calling employers on behalf of their job-hunting sons and daughters.

On a positive note, Millennials are also known for their interest in jobs that allow them to make a difference in the world by having them perform community service or create projects that support sustainability.”

Guess we’re better known as the Generation Y-bothers to some out there.  Queue the Morgan Freeman voiceover.  They may be lazy… but one day, they will change the world.  Solid backseat thinking there.

The problem with that analysis stands right up on its own two feet without the need for a helping hand.  The generation rely too much on their parents.  The parents have been accused of… calling employers?  Well obviously the problem is bad facking parenting.  It’s not the kid’s fault he wasn’t forced out the door at the age of 6 to get a paper route and learn the value of a dollar.  And before you ask, yes I was forced out the door at the age of 6 to get a paper route (a joint venture with older siblings).

What I actually like about this article though, is that to recruiters who actually believe this stereotype, I look that much better.

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