TNG Speaks up in the Workplace

6 Months Ago… I was happy.  Happy that someone had finally given me a chance.  Happy that I had a home.  I was Over the moon.  My mother was proud.

5 Months Ago… I was clueless.  There was just so much to learn.  I was scrambling against the curve.  Making juvenile mistakes at every bend.  And my colleague was being a pain in the ass about it.

4 Months Ago… I was insecure.  Doubting where I had put myself.  Would I enjoy this?  How did I end up here?  Where would I go?  Who would I become?

3 Months Ago… I was depressed.  I couldn’t even lie to myself anymore.  I had no passion here.  It had become a job.  Not a career.  But where would I go?

2 Months Ago… I stuck my head out.  People around the office were talking about something I had an interest in.  And I made it known that I wanted to be a part of it.

1 Month Ago… I helped convince our risk-loving CEO that we drastically needed to hedge our FX exposure.  He gave me permission to purchase $160,000,000 in call options.  The largest single hedge ever taken out in the company’s 20-year history.

2 Weeks Ago… I could have saved the company $450,000 if they had taken my advice.  Instead they paid someone else for theirs, and lost it.

Today our CFO told me that I’d go far.

A lot can happen in six months.

8 thoughts on “TNG Speaks up in the Workplace”

  1. Very glad you’re back!

    I believe its better that you’ve raised a suggestion without having to risk putting your head on the chopping block and you got it right! so – everybody knows you were right – what more can you ask for especially 6 months in and the CEO’s giving you a pat on the back! 😀 All’s good!

  2. And I’m glad you’re still reading!

    I’m hoping I can still contribute to graduates out there in some way, shape or form. A couple of ideas rolling around. Life.

    I hope the point of this story is clear, and people don’t see it as me boasting about success. As you probably know by now, I am more than capable of the opposite!

  3. Hey TNG,
    Good to see you back again. I started reading your blog as I could relate to it (during my post MBA job hunt) and now I have been working for about an year, so I can relate to you again :-)

    Good to hear that you’re doing good at your job, like you, I had my doubts about my job, still do, but it’s better than those months we spent preparing/interviewing and eating cheap food.

    Just one request, please write more frequently. I just follow one blog!

    p.s. when do we get to see unmasking of TNG. I mean, we your blog and your thought process, but it would still be nice to know the man behind it all.. Someday

  4. Rajeev! I’m happy that you can relate again. And likewise, I can relate to your still having doubts. However, I cannot relate to eating cheap food whilst being unemployed. as I lived with my grandparents at the time, and having moved away, I still have to convince them not to send me “food parcels”. Though, ironically, now being employed I find myself sacrificing taste the difference for basics with the aim of quicker debt-repayment. I suppose a food-parcel wouldn’t be all that bad. At first glance, in my single-bed houseshare, I’m probably the poorest accountant in London.

    Haha, I don’t forsee an unmasking anytime soon. I think I may begin to write about the goings on in my work/industry. And for that I must definitely remain anonymous.

    Thanks for keeping in touch!


  5. Thanks for this post…you should definitely start posting on because your expertise and your struggles would be much appreciated



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