Podcasts Are Changing My Life

Today I started listening to podcasts.  You should too.

Saying that now makes me feel like a father of four.  I used to be so technoliterate….

I stumbled across one which by the sound of the title alone seemed like the most tediously-presented-public-broadcasting-possible yet probably something-which-actually-offered-sage-practical-advice – Marketplace Money from American Public Media, presented by Tess Vigeland.


Within five seconds of turning it on my latter predictions all proved correct, and then some.  The content was informative, insightful and, at times, hilarious?  They had on one of my favorite American comedians, Michael Ian Black, reading from his new book, You’re Not Doing It Right.  Somehow they made it work and I was treated with Black’s brutally honest humour about his personal experience of becoming a BMW-owning d*****bag (unquote).

Among many other guests and segments was author Jane Hodges speaking about the emotional rationalisation some of us may go through when we choose to buy a home over renting, and the organisation’s China Correspondent, Rob Schmitz, discussed why people in the PRC can react so openly when asked about how much money they make (compared to Westerners).

I was glued to it for the entire hour.

Listen to the whole thing here.

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