Hey, are you guys still here?

Hey, are you guys still here?  According to Google Analytics people still seem to be finding their way to TNG.  53 just today!  Those numbers have inspired me to sign up to Google AdSense.  Who knows, maybe in 12 months I’ll get a cheque from Google to pay for that MP Five Forces tattoo I’ve always wanted.


Life’s a big bucket of new toys lately.  I’m trying new things all the time and I can’t express how happier I have become as a result of it.  I’m working on a business plan, with a couple more tinkering away in the back of my head.  I have found insight and inspiration from diving into the fantastical world of podcasts.  Economics, design, sociology, psychedelia are just a few of my favourite topics at the moment.  And even toying with the idea of starting my own.  Who wants to hear me speak?  53 people a day, that’s who might!

Stay tuned folks, 2014 is going to be a great year.

Thanks for reading.


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14 thoughts on “Hey, are you guys still here?”

  1. Just discovered your blog! I’m applying for the Bloomberg Sales and Analytics position, i’m still quite early on tbh, I haven’t even submitted the application, I was researching possible answers to the “Please explain in no more than 75 words why you are interested in a career at Bloomberg.” question. Reading about your experiences with them has been really interesting, it has kinda made me question whether I want to work there or not but I have two masters degrees at 23 years old yet no-one want to hire me so i’ll go ahead and apply to Bloomberg, i’ve had a million rejections already from other companies so I don’t have much to lose at this point. I hope you’re enjoying your gainful employment. :)

  2. Thanks for reading, Anony. Keep at it. Try and answer those questions from your own perspective – no one can answer that for you. Just be yourself. Be honest. If you are struggling to answer that question then the job is probably not for you. If you are struggling to find grad programmes you are interested in, think about what companies you come into contact in your daily life. Love Spotify? Apply to Spotify. Love a particular iPhone app? They are likely hiring. Read business magazines (Fortune is my favourite) if you are interested in great businesses. Take note of names mentioned in the articles and get in touch on LinkedIn!

    In addition, continually look for resources to help you improve on your CV and your interviewing skills. There are plenty of books and podcasts on these subjects. I am currently looking at my CV which I used to get my current job (3 years ago) and balked at how crap it was. 2 full pages!! What was I thinking?!

  3. Hey I started following your blog last year when I was doing a few applications. It is very insightful so keep them coming. Let us know how your journey progressed, tip and advice. All the best!

  4. Hey Anony,

    Thanks for your comment and the follow. I’m toying with the idea of starting a podcast with a focus on graduates and the UK job market. Is this something you’d be interested in listening to? If not, what would be of most help to you? And do you currently listen to any podcasts in this area?

    Hope you’ve found a nice gig. Glad it was of use to you.


  5. HI TNG

    Just recently found your blog and it’s been a great read. I am very much going down the same road you did, trying to break into IM. I also applied for FactSet, which I have the first round assessment centre for tomorrow. You speak very highly of them so I am hoping it goes well. Feeling confident.

    Podcast sounds like a great idea. Could get people currently on the hunt to discuss their situation and experiences with you.

    How is working in private equity? Are you now an analyst?

  6. Hi Anony,

    So glad you found everything helpful! How did the first round at FactSet go?

    Yeah I have a few format ideas. Still toying with it. Completely lacking the time though at this point as I progress through my accountancy qualification. Also trying to start an app business. So that takes priority.

    No, not an analyst. That is one hard leap to make. I wouldn’t even know if it were possible. Perhaps if I changed companies but doubtful in terms of an internal transfer. You’d need to be some sort of superhero on the job and that I am not.

    It is very back office/middle office. Not really accountancy at all really. Thus why I am trying to make it out on my own. But want to pass my exams first.

  7. Hey TNG,

    I am reading your blog now from Japan, but still finding it really helpful (the system is quite different here) and more importantly amusing. Job hunting sucks, it is not fun at all, it is hard and can be really depressing, but you managed to look at it positively and you never gave up. Reading your blog relieves a lot of stress, love your sense of humour. Thank you for that.

    One more thing, this is my personal opinion, but still. Please don’t stop writing. Doesn’t have to be about looking for jobs, anything is good. I think you have got a talent, and it shouldn’t be wasted.

    Hope everything’s great at work.

    Still jobless graduate

    P.S. Would love to listen to your podcasts!

  8. Dear Japan Anony,

    Wow thank you so much for the lovely comment. I truly appreciate your taking the time to read my blog and feed back your thoughts. It blows my mind that I am able to have an impact on someone so far away and from such a different culture. I wish you every bit of luck in getting what you want in your working life! Keep at it and if you need a break, sell what possessions you may have and hit the road. Assuming you don’t have a wife or kids!

    All the best,


    P.P.S. The podcast idea has been tinkering away in my head a lot lately. I am hoping to launch something in the new year. Wish it could be sooner but need to focus on finishing some professional exams.

  9. Hi TNG,

    Thanks for the reply. Selling my possessions and taking off does sound like a great idea, especially considering the fact that I don’t have a wife and kids, since well, I’m a girl :)
    You’d probably be even more surprised if you knew where I come from.

    Good luck with the exams and I bet a lot of people including me are looking forward to your podcasts!

    Take care,


  10. Stumbled upon this blog while googling for Bloomberg interview tips and your posts on that was extremely helpful. I’m busy prepping for that now but even if I weren’t I’d still read your blog. Your posts have been great in guiding and even “calming” me as I re-start my job hunt. Like the other anons above, thanks and keep writing!

    -Anon. from Singapore

  11. Dear TNG,

    I just stumbled upon your blog today as I have an AB InBev interview within a couple of hours. Thanks for writing about your job hunting experiences; it’s nice to know that some of us are not alone. It’s been a tough year for me, and as a recent graduate of 2013, I feel like a recent graduate of 2008… But anyways, I’d like to thank you for your positivity, and your hopefulness. You give me strength to keep trying!

    Hope work’s going well!

    Much Love,

    1. Dear Int’l Anony(!),

      Thanks for your post and kind comments. I really hope the interview works out well for you. Please let us know how your experience was on the AB Inbev post if you have time. Many people visit this website looking for up to date information and anything you can provide will not go unnoticed. Don’t forget to join the mailing list to keep in touch with the graduate world.

      Keep at it.

      All the best,

  12. Hi TNG,

    I’ve been reading your blog recently and I just want to thank you for posting your experiences online. Hope you’re doing well and that you’re enjoying your job!

    I’m just wondering, how did you deal with the rejections that you’ve received and do you think that finding a job after you’ve graduated has put you at a disadvantage? Thank you!

    All the best,

    1. Hi Charley,

      Thanks for reading, I’m glad you enjoyed them!

      Rejection sucks. It’s hard to deal with. But you get over it pretty quickly. The way I think about it is… if a company chooses not to hire me then I am better off for it because that’s like someone saying they don’t want to be your friend – and who still wants to be friends with those people?! And companies make mistakes – all the time. So perhaps you got rejected undeservedly so – that happens too. Apply again or rise above and move on.

      Do I think that finding a job after I graduated has put me at a disadvantage? Maybe I’m not understanding your question but I’d say that is a pretty good outcome! It took me about 6 months to eventually find something but I don’t think I was ever at a disadvantage. Just make sure you are actively doing something to better yourself in your spare time (you can’t be writing cover letters all day every day – you’ll go mad!).

      Good luck,


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