Hola! I am The Noughty Graduate.  I work for the man by day and plot my escape by night, and this is my blog. I live in London, ride a bicycle because its cheaper and keeps me fit, and am oh so afraid of growing old without having done anything with my life.

At the moment I retain my anonymity simply because it is easier.  Though if we become friends, I will likely ask you to call me by my real name.

Why TNG?  The name derives in part from my having graduated in the late-noughties.  I was finding it incredibly difficult to land a job, let alone get an interview.  Companies didn’t seem to care about my marks, related experience or extracurricular efforts.  Doing what I had always done in this situation when confronted with a great challenge – I Googled it.  Nothing.  So I decided to write my experiences down.

Though they may not have helped many land jobs with those specific companies, according to your comments it sounds like my writings helped inspire a lot of you to keep trying.  I see those as a true mark of success, and am very humbled by them indeed.

Looking forward, my current goal is to use this platform to launch new ideas, inspire myself and generally tab out my life (i.e. keep myself accountable for all the shit I say I’m going to do).  I may no longer be a graduate, but I still harbour the same ambitions I had when I was.

If you share these goals, say hello.


10 thoughts on “About”

  1. Absolutely love your blog and it’s a shame that I only discovered it today…I’m planning on using your advice and hope it will help me with my current job hunt ;D

  2. Hi TNG! This is a great blog and I wish I’d discovered it when I was first looking for a job (3 years ago).
    I’ve recently started looking for a job again though and I was wondering if there is there a Question-like section on your blog? I am a bit out of the game and I have some questions to ask.

  3. this has been so helpful (putting my mind at ease). I have my interview with them in 10 hours.

    You write beautifully by the way :)

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