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TNG reviews Peter Lynch

Something I discovered a little later in life than I would have preferred: the power of learning and continually engaging one’s mind with new information.  Sounds silly, but if you’re not making a habit to better yourself what’s the difference between you and a hermit living in the woods?  What are the chances of achieving your dreams in whatever it is you want to do, bar living a sustainable lifestyle in a woodland environment (but even then!), if you didn’t learn from others?  Books are an invaluable resource you can use to improve yourself.  Someone has already done the hard work.  Take advantage of that.  Leverage it.

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Applying to Investment Banks the TNG Way

Today I will do something foolish. That’s not something out of the ordinary. Just last week I found myself taking apart my PC and vacuuming out a good two years worth of dorm room dust bunnies. But unlike risking the unsubstantiated claims of what happens when vacuum-induced static meets circuitry, today I will be exposing a delicate part of myself to a practice commonly attributed to by many to be self-confidence-suicide. Today I will begin applying to investment banks.

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