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TNG Gets a Job

Well this one is very hard for me to write about. I have thought about it repeatedly for a few weeks now, but I had trouble finding the right words.

Those few weeks back I received a phone-call. A phone-call I always thought might come, but in what way, shape or form I knew nothing of. It still does not feel real.

Today I received an envelope; an envelope that contained a lot of information. Information I have been looking for, for quite some time now.  What was inside made clear to me a number of things.  Among them: what I would do, who I would report to, what I would study, where I should turn up, what I would take home. But most importantly it told me what was next. Something I have thought about my entire life. Something I have been asked about my entire life. What next?

Next, I become an Investment Accountant.

Signed & dated,

The Noughty Graduate