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The Noughty Graduate is getting behind the microphone to bring you stories and interviews from post-graduate life.  In a style Clint Eastwood might say I ripped off, TNG presents the good the bad and the ugly when it comes to working life.

  • Getting inside the Houses of Parliament
  • Shipping east to Hong Kong
  • Underneath the revolution in Syria
  • Pirate wages on the high seas
  • …and other topical meanderings

The goal of this programme is to inspire listeners with true stories from the battlegrounds of a young person’s life.  No millionaires, no silver spoons, just regular people and their journeys through Maslow’s Hierarchy.

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  1. Hey!
    You might need to get the “subscribe” link checked. The URL says thanks for subscribing but the page displays “404: File Not Found”

    Looking forward to your podcast.
    p.s. Will we ever get to know your identity? Are you the Stig? :)

    1. Hi Rajeev,

      Thanks for pointing this out! Inevitable that I failed to fully test one of the most important new features. I have fixed the link now, do you mind resubmitting? Still not functioning 100% (not sending users their confirmation emails), but I hope to get this resolved shortly.

      Thanks again Rajeev,


      p.s. Hah, Well if the podcast takes off I will inevitably lift the veil of incorporation.

      (I don’t think the Stig knows accountancy innuendo like that!).

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